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Top 10 Best Nightclubs in Toronto in 2020

Day or night, Toronto’s neighborhoods are a hotbed for food, entertainment, and culture. From morning to afternoon, every district has its own charm, and when it gets dark, Toronto’s vibrant nightlife illuminates each neighborhood. Here are some of the best spots to explore in the city once the sun has gone down.

1. Rebel

The Best Place to See Your Favorite DJs / Artists

Transport yourself to a spectacular, multi-dimensional universe that continuously changes throughout the night. Rebel is one of the most epic clubs in all of Canada, bringing huge artists such as Drake, Khalid, Future, ASAP Rocky, and Kaytranada. The gigantic club boasts tons of space for dancing, offers a huge selection of bottle service options and provides party-goers the perfect place to party!

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2. Toybox

Known as the Most Fun Club in Toronto

From the team that brought you Rebel, Toronto’s largest nightlife and concert venue, the all star team has ensured that Toybox will join the ranks of INK Entertainment’s other coveted nightlife destinations. The choice of where to go out is always easy for those who know the city as well as the club since Toybox is known as one of the most fun clubs in Toronto.

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3. Goldie

An Ultra Fun and Club Lounge

Goldie is perfectly situated in the heart of Toronto’s bustling King West Strip, nestled in an inconspicuous townhouse with over a hundred years of history. The playful cocktail club/restaurant is the ideal choice to bring a hot date or order bottle service and party the night away. The intimate lounge offers all the fun of a huge, bustling club but without the aggressively loud music, constant flashing lights and wild atmosphere.

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4. EFS Social

The Perfect Place to Catch Up With Friends

EFS is one of the trendsetting venues located in King West’s bustling fashion district. For those who don’t know, the space combines barn board, Edison bulbs, sleek leather banquettes, polished concrete floors and a smattering of colorful pop art. The one of a kind rooftop patio is lined with cozy cabana-style seating around the parameter, rustic lanterns, and distressed wooden tables. With tons of room for guests, it’s truly the perfect downtown oasis to mingle the day away.

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5. Coda

The Hottest Dance Club in Toronto

Coda is one of the hottest dance clubs in Toronto right now. The high caliber night club properly makes use of the sprawling venue. This club was designed to make you lose yourself in the music, and there’s a kick ass PK sound system to make sure that happens, making it one of the best in the city at the moment. Built around the far side of the dance floor is an elevated corridor with bar stools that gives you a perched area for all your stalky inclinations.

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6. Citizen

Home to Many, Fun for All

The Citizen is where inhabitants of King West feel at home. Know as being the neighborhood bar with amazing food, craft cocktails, and a comfortable, friendly atmosphere, Citizen is one of the hottest spots in the city. And for good reason.

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7. Nest

The New Hotspot in Town

Nest is one of the hottest and newest nightclubs in Toronto! Found right in the iconic Kensington Market neighborhood, this hot new venue offers different ambiances to have a great time, serving as a nightclub as well as a restaurant. Endless good times are found at this fantastic new addition to Toronto’s growing nightlife scene.

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8. Love Child

Team Work Makes the Dream Work

Love Child is an intimate and fun 7,500-square-foot heritage building located in the trendy King West neighborhood. The belief is that collaboration is the real mother of invention, so they created an event space designed for connection. And believe us, the after-hour parties get wild. Love Child is one of the most fun places to catch drinks with coworkers or friends!

9. Lost and Found

An Old School Venue Perfect For Those Looking to Club

Lost and Found is an incredible nightlife venue, inspired by a sense of adventure weaved with the sweet joy of glorious memories. Discovered in the heart of King West on the lower level of a hundred-year-old building, the venue wears the history of another era within and on walls. In a community ever-changing the club aims to offer an experience like no other as music, drinks, people, adventure, new relationships, friendships, and experiences await.

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10. Cube

Sophisticated and Untamed

If looking to escape to a world where the dance floor and sound take over, look no further. Effortlessly embrace the next dimension of entertainment and style as Cube Nightclub manifests a provocative realm where preferred design, mood, and art blend to create a masterpiece of untamed sophistication. Designed with evening mischief in mind, Cube is a nightclub experience unlike any other.

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Toronto Nightclubs FAQ

What time do Toronto Nightclubs typically open?

The nightclubs open around 10:00-11:00 PM.

What time do Toronto Nightclubs typically close?

Most close at 2:00-3:00 AM.

What is the dress code like at Toronto Nightclubs?

Guys can wear nice dark, jeans, and a good fitting plain t-shirt or a nice button-down shirt. Girls can wear dark jeans or a stylish dress if they prefer to. Of course, guys and girls can never go wrong with dressing up even more – there is no such thing as overdressing when it comes to nightclubs.

How can I book bottle service for Toronto Nightclubs?

You can book table service using our free mobile app. Or, if you’re on desktop you can use our webapp.

How much is bottle service at Toronto Nightclubs?

Table minimums can get pretty expensive, but every venue is different. The best way to find out is to use our app.


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