Avicii’s Final Las Vegas Show Schedule

Breaking – Avicii cancels remaining 2016 Vegas shows

Wondering when Avicii is playing his final Vegas shows this year?

A longtime staple in the Las Vegas EDM scene, Avicii recently announced his retirement from touring after 2016 in a heartfelt Facebook post to fans – “…I will however never let go of music – I will continue to speak to my fans through it, but I’ve decided this 2016 run will be my last tour and last shows. Let’s make them go out with a bang!”

Avicii’s Wynn Las Vegas 2016 residency will be your last chance to see him live in Las Vegas. “We spoke with Avicii’s team and, although we are sad to see him retire, we are happy to report that he is honoring all of his upcoming 13 dates at Wynn Las Vegas (Encore Beach Club and XS) through June,” said Christie. “We support Tim’s journey in life and wish him the very best. He knows our door is always open should he decide to tour again.”

Avicii’s Final Las Vegas Show Schedule:

  • Friday, April 29 – XS Nightclub
  • Saturday, April 30 – Encore Beach Club
  • Saturday, May 7 – XS Nightclub
  • Sunday, May 8 – Encore Beach Club
  • Saturday, May 14 – XS Nightclub
  • Sunday, May 15 – Encore Beach Club
  • Friday, May 20 – XS Nightclub
  • Saturday, May 21 – Encore Beach Club
  • Friday, May 27 – XS Nightclub
  • Saturday, May 28 – Encore Beach Club
  • Saturday, June 18 – Encore Beach Club
  • Friday, June 24 – XS Nightclub
  • Saturday, June 25 – Encore Beach Club

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Don’t miss your last chance to see the legendary Avicii spin in Las Vegas!

Intrigue Nightclub at the Wynn Unveiled: Q&A With Sean Christie

In a recent interview with the Las Vegas Sun, Wynn nightlife czar Sean Christie reveals Intrigue – a new club (taking up the old Tryst space) attempting to bring a fresh concept to the nightlife scene in Las Vegas.

The newest concept in nightlife, Intrigue, was revealed at Tryst’s “Final Affair” industry party, then the club with the iconic 90-foot waterfall closed Saturday night with DJ Dave Fogg, the venue’s opening and closing night party leader.

The 14,000-square-foot Intrigue will welcome 1,200 guests nightly, considerably smaller than many Las Vegas mega-clubs. The music will be contemporary party crossing genres for a high-energy dancing environment.

A few gems from the interview:

“If we find out that you’re tweeting or Instagramming or Snapchatting or Periscoping, we’re going to tell you to stop. And if you don’t stop, we’re going to ask you to leave, and we’re going to ask you to not come back because the great part of the financial freedom of a private club is it’s not there to make money.”

It would seem that Intrigue is attempting to make nightlife more intimate again – less about the DJ and more about the people and the venue.

One of the things we talked about with Tryst is that first of all financially we could probably pull it off in terms of paying people exorbitant amounts of money, DJs, to perform, or whatever it is because our check averages and things like that are high, but Tryst inherently is intimate. We’re not expanding the club in terms of the footprint. We’re just making it better, and it’s going to be a brand new club of, course, but actually more of what it is for me and for us as a team and Mr. Wynn, but really for the team that I work with every day, it’s boring to do the same thing time and time again.

It was exciting when we did Encore Beach Club and we brought in Kaskade, then XS started doing big DJs and we got together and tried to corner the market. All those things were organically exciting, but five years later that same level of excitement to do something new is not there.

We did not want to spend all this money so that we could put a pop star or EDM act or hip-hop star, we wanted to go back to the crowd and the people in the crowd having fun, not just staring at the performer.

With a smaller capacity, Intrigue will be able to focus more attention on each individual guest:

One club appears, and then its sister clubs become the same but bigger. Some are losing money because they’re paying the same as we are for DJs. When I go out, I say the same thing. There is no place for a person who doesn’t care about seeing a celebrity DJ. I also think that businesses are so focused on the DJ that they’re forgetting about the service of the customer.

Also something that we’re focusing on, there are all these amazing people who pay $30 to $40 to come in the club and spend $15 to $20 on a drink, those people don’t have the opportunity to have a wild moment at the bar, and they’re not given the same considerations that the person … we’re so focused on how does the table look and what are the petit fours trays and what are these great things that you can purchase for $10,000 and $20,000 that you do once in your lifetime so that you can talk about it with your friends.

We’re going to take that model so that the general-admission customer feels like someone cares about them more than just the table customer, and that’s one of our strategies. Everybody is a VIP.

There’s going to be an “invite only” section of the venue where social media is banned:

Please tell me about the club within Intrigue. Is that like Heart of Omnia at Omnia?

It’s completely different than that. When you walk down our stairs on the left-hand side, there’s a kitchen and it’s 1,400 square feet, and that club is a true private club and it’s invite only. So if you go to your example of Heart of Omnia, that would be a major nightclub in any other city; it’s a big room. This is a small room that holds just 150 people that’s a social media-free zone. It’s one of the policies.

How are you going to enforce that — no iPhones, no Androids? People will feel naked!

We’re going to try. First of all, it’s invite only. So if I invite you in and I tell you, Robin, look, you can have your phone because if somebody wants to text you or if your kids are at home and it’s an emergency, those things are important to stay connected, but if we find out that you’re tweeting or Instagramming or Snapchatting or Periscoping, we’re going to tell you to stop. And if you don’t stop, we’re going to ask you to leave. And we’re going to ask you to not come back because the great part of the financial freedom of the private club is it’s not there to make money.

So I don’t have to worry about. All of the finances that we’ve done for the club are for the main part of the club, and that was on purpose so that if we want to have 20 people in the room because there’s a celebrity or someone who’s discerning, we can do that. It’s invite only every single night.

Is a seismic change about to shake up the Strip when it comes to high-paid DJs in our jam-packed nightclubs? The news that Tryst Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas’s closure after successful decade-long run and subsequent transformation was certainly a surprise, but the bigger shock was that the new club won’t be shelling out mega-bucks for big-name DJs. No more $400,000-a-night superstars to spin the wheels of steel. Who knows – if the concept proves successful, we may start to see other clubs follow suit. Jewel at the Aria is another club slated to open this Spring that will likely test a similar theory.

Visit the Las Vegas Sun for the full interview.

Tryst Nightclub to Close for Renovations

Update – the old Tryst will reopen as Intrigue with the grand opening date slated for April 28, 2016.

After 10 years as one of Las Vegas’ must-see nightlife venues, Tryst Nightclub will close. Reports recently surfaced that Tryst staff were notified the venue will close following Halloween for a total remodel, hinting the remodel could take almost half a year.

While sudden, this news is not exactly shocking, as the property has already announced a string of changes this summer. In addition to changes with Wynn’s restaurants, managing partner Jesse Waits also departed Wynn in July for the coming Alon resort, set to open in 2018 on the former site of the New Frontier.


Tryst opened on New Year’s Eve 2005, replacing the short-lived La Bête nightclub in the same space. While details about Tryst’s own replacement are still hush hush, Michael Weaver, Wynn’s senior vice president of marketing and communications, has confirmed this news, and that a new concept is in the works.

An insider who has reportedly seen mock ups of the new venue calls it simply, “gorgeous.”

Check back here for the latest news about the Tryst renovation!

Kaskade Announces Multi-year Residency at XS

Kaskade will return to Las Vegas for the second time in 2015 at Wynn’s award-winning nightclub XS on Friday, January 30, 2015.

“After five years, I’m excited to return to my old stomping grounds,” exclaimed Kaskade. “I cannot wait to share mind-blowing experiences with fans from all over the world at Wynn once again. This is a homecoming that no one will forget.”

Breaking down barriers and shattering records, Kaskade has created a career of milestones for himself and the industry: the first DJ from the United States to secure a Las Vegas residency, the first solo electronic dance artist to sell-out Barclays Center, as well as the first dance artist to sell-out Navy Pier and the Staples Center during his Freaks of Nature Tour deemed “the only successful national stadium tour undertaken by a solo ‘EDM’ artist” by Billboard. With his unique creative prowess, he’s created chart-topping remixes for everyone from Lana Del Ray to Beyonce, has appeared at all the major summer festivals and has headlined nearly 200 times a year for the last 10 years.

Most recently, Kaskade received his fourth Grammy nomination for Best Remixed Recording for his edit of Galantis’ “Smile.” Previously, his eighth studio album Atmosphere scored him his second and third Grammy nominations for Best Dance Recording and Best Dance/Electronica album. He received his first nomination for his double-album Fire & Ice, which debuted No. 1 on Billboard’s Dance/Electronic Album chart.

“Kaskade is one of the most iconic DJs of our time and was one of the first artists we put in the center of XS nightclub for an experience that had never been seen before in Las Vegas,” said Jesse Waits, managing partner of XS and Tryst nightclubs. “His original tracks capture his fans and audiences around the world, which come across in his DJ sets that, without fail, create an atmosphere full of energy night after night.”

“We brought Kaskade to Encore Beach Club for his first exclusive Las Vegas residency in 2010, which ignited the dayclub scene and kick-started the huge EDM phenomenon seen on the Strip today,” said Sean Christie, managing partner of Encore Beach Club and Surrender Nightclub. “His music and soulful persona sets a vibe in our venues that is totally unique to the scene and we look forward to another incredible summer.”

To keep the performances feeling current, the XS recently underwent a major technology upgrade that, ironically, is meant to tame the vibe a little. They’ll still have some of the flashy elements of a standard Las Vegas EDM show, such as pyro, LED lights, and digital screens, but the atmosphere will match Raddon’s sound, which is deeper than other Vegas staples like Tiesto and Hardwell. Waits and Christie added blue and purple mood lighting and a large white-draped golden arch to frame the stage projectors. Click here to see video of XS’s 10 million dollar renovation.