Exchange LA (LA 市中心)

Exchange的前身是洛杉矶股票交易所。从2010年开业起一直是洛城里最好的电音夜店之一,世界排名更直逼40。四层高的Exchange可以容纳1500人、拥有6个酒吧和全城夜店里最多的洗手间。顶级的DJ包括Armin Van Buuren、Dash Berlin、Don Diablo等都曾在这里演出。每个周末排队进Exchange的人都会堵满整条街,所以记得尽早购票(留意Discotech独有的优惠代码)。

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Academy (荷里活)

2017年12月31日 R3hab新年派对结束的一刻正式为Create的夜店生涯画上句号,取而代之的将会是Insomniac和Exchange联合创办的Academy。Academy的开幕秀会在1/12举行,由Krewella担当DJ。Benny Benassi、DVBBS、TNT等名DJ都会在接着的两星期在Academy打碟,千万别错过哦。不过现时Academy的网页和社交平台还没有透露太多改名后的变动,请大家拭目以待。

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Avalon (荷里活)

Avalon在2003年由音乐厅成功转型成为夜店,自此可算是荷里活夜生活的地标之一。定期举行的18+/19+ 活动为Avalon带来了不小较年轻的面孔,是很多洛城大学生的首选。随着Avalon的客源不断增加,被请来演出的DJ也一个比一个出名。当区内大部分夜趴在凌晨2点已经结束的时候,Avalon这边还是播放着强劲音乐,一直开到3/4点。

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Sound (荷里活)

Sound播放的主要是deep house/techno这一类地下音乐。这里的Funktion One音响系统绝对能让你感受到震撼,是一套世界各地很多夜店都引以为傲的利器。比起区内其他夜店,Sound算是比较小的一家,不过这样也代表里头的人们能亲密一点。如果跳舞跳饿了,大门旁边的小café有各式各样的小吃让您选择。Discotech长期提供免费的Sound宾客名单,要登记就赶紧下载我们的APP吧!

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Le Jardin(荷里活)

对漆黑的环境和密密麻麻的人群感到厌烦?Le Jardin独一无二的开放式平台设计保证能让您耳目一新!由名设计师Gulla Jonsdottir操刀,把真正的花园、橄榄树带到Le Jardin,将其打造成一家气氛轻松、休闲的夜店。要注意的是这里并不是每天都播放电音,是根据当天的DJ而决定的,记得到我们的APP或网站看清楚啊!

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Jeremy Olander Announces Sound Residency

Sweden’s Jeremy Olander had a pretty big 2016. His label Vivrant had a big start with Beatport-topping releases, a feat he celebrated with a Vivrant-artist world tour across five continents. He also put out his sophomore effort The Talespin EP on Spain’s Saura, and even nabbed himself a nomination for Beatport’s Progressive Artist of the Year.

There will be a lot to toast to at midnight this New Year’s Eve, but Olander is already looking to the future. He’s proud to announce himself as a 2017 resident of Los Angeles’ famed Sound Nightclub. His night will be dedicated to all things Vivrant, featuring label artists and special friends on hot rotation and in the booth. Get your tickets to Sound & book tables at Sound on the Discotech app!

He’s also stoked to share with fans the first single from his upcoming EP Caravelle, to be released on Vivrant. The title track is a cool seven minutes of laid-back house with delicious percussive textures, funky ethereal vocal samples, and a slow-build groove that’ll have you totally sucked in by the finish line. Bottom line, you’re gonna want to put it on repeat.

Caravelle is officially out on Vivrant Friday, Dec. 23, but you can hear the title track below:

Best EDM Clubs in Los Angeles

Trying to get your fist pump on in LA? Check out the best EDM (Electronic Dance Music) clubs in LA that feature the best DJs in the world! Sign up for guestlist, buy tickets, and book tables for all the clubs below on our free mobile app! Or, if you’re on desktop, try our webapp.

Exchange LA (Downtown LA)

Set in the old LA Stock Exchange (hence the name) Exchange LA partnered with Insomnia to bring the hottest DJs in the world to Downtown LA. This is huge venue with two floors and a techno room downstairs. Tables are located on the mezzanine level. There’s a large dance floor and you’ll find all kinds of characters here on any given night. Guestlist is typically free for ladies before 11, $20–25 for guys – you can sign up on the app. Tickets available here.  Exchange is typically open til about 3:30 – 4.

Create Nightclub (Hollywood)

Create Nightclub is a “Vegas” style club in the heart of Hollywood. Features a lot of really big name DJs as well. Bottle service is fairly expensive here – expect to pay about $500 per bottle – Vegas prices. Create almost always has some sort of guest list, whether free or discounted. You can also use code DISCO to get 20% off your ticket purchases at This hollywood hotspot is open until 3:30–4.

Avalon (Hollywood)

Avalon has a 19+ night on Friday nights. You’ll find a wide variety of talent and types of music here. Avalon typically features less mainstream DJ talent. Avalon has a discounted guest list on most nights. Use discount code DISCO to get 10% off your tickets at Stays open til 6 or 7 in the morning on Fridays and Saturdays.

Sound (Hollywood)

Sound features less mainstream EDM music – think deep house music / techno / progressive house. Discotech has discounted tickets available on the app, and we’ll also frequently have a free guestlist before 11:30 and sponsored open well drink bar from 10–11. They also have an open kitchen here featuring tater tots, cuban sandwiches, mozzarella sticks, and more. Sound stays open til 3 or 4.

Bonus: Time Nightclub (Orange County)

Time Nightclub is one of the most popular clubs in the OC. Features some pretty big EDM (and hip hop) talent depending on the night. Time Nightclub has a free guest list on most nights. Use promo code DISCO at to get 10% off your ticket purchases.