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5 Hottest Bachelorette Spots in Las Vegas

Having trouble planning your bachelorette / hen party? Well if you’re thinking Sin City, bright lights, and booze-fueled benders, then you’ve come to the perfect corner of the web. Las Vegas, the city practically designed for soon-to-be-brides and their posse of bridesmaid girlfriends, is the best place to make all of your wild party dreams come true. However, brimming with endless possibilities for hedonistic indulgence, planning the perfect night in Sin City can be a bit of a challenge.

Luckily, you have Discotech to help you recreate The Hangover –bachelorette edition, for a night that you and your girlfriends will be talking about for decades. Here is a list of 5 of our favorite activities and party packages for your final night of freedom. You only get married once (ideally), so there is absolutely no excuse not to pop some over-priced champagne and have a high quality night filled with pleasure, plastic tiaras, and penis-shaped party favors.

1. Marquee Nightclub and Dayclub

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Marquee has it all, for those of you who do not want to hop around town. Start of your festivities at their day club for an epic pool party, before heading to their nightclub. Marquee really takes care of you, as the packages they offer are truly one-of-a-kind. For example, with their Rent the Runway package, you’ll get a Grand Cabana at the day club, an hour of open bar, a dress from Rent the Runway (you don’t even have to pack a dress!), and VIP entry to the nightclub. A little tip from us is to buy the higher tier of the package to skip the line completely. On top of that, additional packages include ERA by Ciara for in-room makeup and Gimme Some Sugar for cupcakes on your VIP table to spruce up the celebrations. Sign up for the free Marquee guestlist or book a table at Marquee LV for your bachelorette party today!

2. Canyon Ranch Spa

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In case you and your girlfriends need to rejuvenate after your late-night bender we suggest you check out the Canyon Ranch Spa, shared by the Venetian and Palazzo hotels. This place is the Disneyland of spas, offering an impressive 134,000-square-feet of fitness classes, a rock-climbing wall, Aquavana thermal suite, spa packages, healthy spa cuisine, and of course— a VIP bridal suite where you and your girlfriends can get pampered with mimosas (remember, the fastest way to cure a hangover is to pour yourself a cocktail). We suggest you grab lunch at the Canyon Ranch Grill and lounge in the salt grotto after exploring the rest of the spa. After a day at the Canyon Ranch Spa, we can guarantee you will feel like a million bucks.

3. TAO Nightclub and Beach

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Tao has the bachelorette thing down — they even offer an enthusiastic bachelorette coordinator who hosts you and your posse from dinner at TAO Asian Bistro to TAO Nightclub (or Beach during the summer).  They’ll arrange limo transportation, hair & makeup, and bring you a cake at your table so you can really fulfill your deepest bachelorette diva dreams. This place is swarming with celebrities, and is the location Kim Kardashian chose for her bachelorette party. Get ready to ball out, because the best table locations start at $2,500 and comes with a bottle of champagne. If you don’t want to dish out for a table reservation, sign up for free guest list through Discotech to get entry into the nightclub, TAO Beach in the summer, and LAVO Party Brunch in the winter.

4. Hakkasan 

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Hakkasan is probably the most monstrously LIT club on Vegas nightlife block. This five story gargantuan venue has a shocking 7,000+ capacity, complete with technicolor lighting and massive video/LED screens, which cost an estimated $200 million to build. On top of that, this colossal nightclub boasts various restaurants, lounges, and different dance floor zones to accommodate all of your bachelorette party needs. A downside to Hakkasan is the ridiculous amount of stairs, which may be annoying if you and your girlfriends are strutting around in high heels. But their Custom Concierge Service is stocked with all types of all-inclusive bachelorette catered party packages, from VIP table service, Lounge Specials, Daylife Pool Parties, VIP transportation, as well as access to Vegas’s best male review shows. Get on the free Hakkasan guestlist on Discotech!

5. Stripper 101

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In case you need to burn off those raspberry Cosmopolitans, we recommend you stop by Stripper 101, which is exactly what it sounds like: professional pole dancing lessons taught to you by real strippers! A huge favorite among bachelorette parties in Las Vegas, Stripper 101 has been featured on E! News, Cosmopolitan, and the Daily Ten. This fun and crazy workout, dubbed the “Night school for girls” will have you feeling toned and club-ready in no time.

Whatever you and your girlfriends choose to do, remember to drink plenty of water and stay safe. Also we suggest packing your most comfortable pair of heels (or extra flip flops) because there will be a LOT of walking happening. Last but not least, remember to have fun and bask in the glory of Las Vegas as well as the present moment of celebrating YOU.

Push IV Promo Code – On Demand IV – Las Vegas Hangover Cure

Let’s face it – at some point during your trip to Las Vegas, you’re most likely going to be hungover. Did you know there’s a company in Vegas whose sole purpose is to cure your hangover and bring you back to life? Meet our friends at Push IV, Las Vegas’s on demand IV service. Use promo code PushDisco to get 10% off your IV!

Push IV is Las Vegas’ premier IV hydration company which specializes in health, wellness and the ultimate hangover cure. For years now, Push has been one of the leaders in the hydration therapy industry using innovative techniques, advanced equipment and top-notch customer service to remain a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

What is IV hydration?

It’s exactly what it sounds like! Push IV has a team of local nurses and paramedics which they call the “Hangover Recovery Team”. They use professional medical equipment to pump you full of vitamins and fluids intravenously (IV), which is intended to replenish your system and rid your body of those nasty hangover symptoms. Push IV has been known to cure even the worst hangovers in 45 minutes or less!

What type of people use IV therapy?

Believe it or not, IV therapy is for everyone! Whether you’re deathly hungover or an athlete who understands the importance of staying hydrated, Push IV is for you. Their different formulas are known to tackle fatigue, boost energy, rid your body of toxins, benefit your skin and more. In addition, Push IV is considered to be a fun “activity” for groups traveling to Vegas. Their nurses will come directly to your hotel room and hook up your entire group before or after your night on the town.

Is an IV safe? 

IV therapy isn’t safe for everyone. People with congestive heart failure, for example, should be cautious because excess fluids in the blood stream can further strain the body. People on certain medications or with some allergies may not be good candidates.

I’m interested…how does this work?

Push IV and the Hangover Recovery Team are mobile, and available 24/7 by appointment. You can book a reservation online at and they’ll come directly to your hotel or Airbnb.

How much does the IV cost?

The cost for the on demand IV ranges from $100 per person to $250, depending on which package you get. There is also a travel fee if they come to you.

ON THE STRIP: Travel fee of $100 between 8:00am and midnight. From midnight to 8:00am (after hours) the travel fee increases to $200.
OFF THE STRIP: Travel fee of $150 between 8:00am and midnight. From midnight to 8:00am (after hours) the travel fee increases to $250.

The travel fee between 8:00 AM and midnight is waived if your party has 5 or more people. It is not waived for after hours requests. You can also get treatment at their facility at 4305 Dean Martin Dr #145, Las Vegas, NV 89103, which is right behind the Bellagio / near the Cosmopolitan. 

If you’re going to spend hundreds of dollars on bottles at the club, you may want to budget in a small amount to help with the recovery. Gone are the days of laying hungover in your hotel room for 8 hours while you slam bottles of water. Once you get your first Push IV you’ll never look back! To make sure your Vegas experience will not be marred by hangovers, we at Discotech would like to offer you a good deal: enter promo code PushDisco for 10% off on all transactions!