Best EDM Festivals in USA

Wondering where to begin your EDM trail this year? Don’t leave these iconic music festivals off your list!

Electric Daisy Carnival (Las Vegas, Nevada) – May

In case you needed yet another reason to visit Vegas – seriously? – here’s Electric Daisy Carnival! Every summer EDC offers up a harmonious blend of innovative technology and artistic genius with stunning sets and art installations for ravers to enjoy – I mean just look at that captivating explosion of color on stage! Stretching out over five days, it invites big names from all around the globe like Snakehips, Virtual Riot, and Tiesto to bring America’s largest dance party to life. You know what they say – what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas immortalized on the ’gram forever!

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Miami Music Week (Miami, Florida) – March

Move over D.C, every rave-enthusiast knows that Miami’s the real (party) capital of the country, so it’s no surprise that Miami Music Week provides the heartbeat of the American EDM scene. From Afrojack and David Guetta to Above & Beyond and Disclosure – watch the who’s-who of the musical community come together this March to have you falling in love with EDM all over again. With a weeklong string of blockbuster pool parties, nightclub after-parties, and beach raves leading up to the legendary three-day Ultra Music Festival, get ready to sign up for the most immersive and entertaining musical experience of your life!

Hard Summer (Los Angeles, California) – August

Whether you’re having a rough summer or just having a hard time kissing it goodbye, Hard Summer Music Festival is guaranteed to cheer you right up. I mean, what better way to kickstart Fall than with jaw-dropping performances by your favorite EDM idols like Marshmello, Diplo and Travis Scott while partying it up in the City of Angeles and homeland of Hollywood? Even if you don’t run into any film stars, you’re sure to feel like one yourself at this gloriously extravagant event.

Governors Ball (New York City, New York) – June

Ever imagined yourself as a princess at a ball? Well why settle for princess when you can transform into a rave queen this summer at Randall’s Island attending the Governors Ball Music Festival, dancing with the breathtaking New York skyline as your backdrop? Watch Randall’s Island come to life with an array of show-stopping performances by fan favorites like Galantis, Wolf Alice and Flume, while you make memories to treasure for a lifetime. With some of New York’s best food trucks and interactive art installations to indulge in as well, I bet you’ll have a ball at Gov-Ball!  

Imagine Music Festival (Atlanta, Georgia) – September

The pride and joy of Georgia, Imagine Festival is renowned for showcasing a wide range of genres such as dubstep, techno, and house, and hence guaranteed to make a die-hard fan out of you. And with the likes of Marshmello, KSHMR, and Zeds Dead gracing the stage, there’s no doubt that it passes the vibe-check either! Boasting a recent upgrade in accessibility, capacity and prestige, this killer musical showstopper has relocated to Chattahoochee Hills to accommodate its exponential growth in attendees. Numbers don’t lie, so instead of Imagin(e)ing yourself livin’ it up in Georgia, come join in the fun this September instead!

Coachella (Coachella Valley, California) – April

Love it or hate it, you’ve got to admit that no music festival list is complete without Coachella, the mother of all music festivals! Over the years, this Californian Valley-grown musical bonanza has become synonymous with rave culture so it’s no surprise that it features a delectable buffet of EDM performances every April. Flume, Whipped Cream, Calvin Harris, SLANDER, Masego – there’s a pretty high chance that your EDM idol is going to be tearing up the stage at Coachella, so really it would be like, sooo uncool* of you to not make it.

*Valley-girl accent recommended but not required for entry.

Movement Festival (Detroit, Michigan) – May

For a Memorial day weekend that’s truly memorable, head over to Detroit because Movement Festival will spice things right up. Find a slew of new artists to obsess over like Testpilot, Hotwaxx Hale, DJ Seinfeld and LADYMONIX while putting your best moves on display on the dance floor. Revered as the birthplace of techno, Detroit sure knows its EDM and is guaranteed to make you fall in love with the genre all over again.

Pitchfork Music Festival (Chicago, Illinois) – July

Unfolding in Chicago’s famous Union Park, Pitchfork Music Festival’s successfully made its name as a true game-changer for EDM fans around the nation. With musical titans like the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Thundercat, and Tame Impala taking the stage by storm, you can be assured that it’ll be a summer road-trip to remember. I mean with a name like that you know you’ll be raising hell at this brilliantly edgy music festival!

So throw your hands up, they’re playing your song, you know it’s gonna be okay… hit us up to plan a Party in the USA!

Beyond Wonderland (San Bernardino, California) – March

Nothing screams spring quite like a lovely road trip to SoCal with a musical bonanza to indulge in at the end. Every bit as promising as its name, Beyond Wonderland really delivers on all your EDM fantasies with a star-studded lineup featuring Snakehips, Nitro Fun, Major Lazer and Deadly Guns, along with world-class production and stunning sets to light up the night sky as well as every raver’s face. I promise, Beyond Wonderland will leave you beyond wowed!

Ultra Music Festival ( Miami, Florida ) – March

You can’t really call yourself a raver till you’ve woken up in Miami wondering how on earth you’re still alive after a mad weekend of hard partying. Since its birth in 1999, Ultra Music Festival has come to be synonymous with rave culture and established itself as the place to be for EDM enthusiasts and spring-breakers alike come March. And it’s really no surprise that Miami’s Bayfront Park gets ultra-packed with upwards of 165,000 fans every year once you’ve eyed this insanely star-studded line-up: I’m talking Flume, Major Lazer, Above & Beyond, and Kygo all under the same roof.

Electric Zoo (NYC, New York) – March

From the depths of the Big Apple’s concrete jungle we bring you the Electric Zoo – one of the East Coast’s most premier dance music festivals to ever exist! Set against the iconic backdrop of Manhattan, it serves up an exquisite offering of some of the finest artists specializing in dubstep, techno and house. Let the likes of Claptone, The Black Madonna, and Bassnectar blow your mind as you fall in love with this incredible city and the wacky sets on display. And ditch the chicken dance for some king-of-the-jungle worthy moves because it’s about to get wild up in here!

Lollapalooza ( Chicago, Illinois ) – August

Consider your first visit to Lollapalooza a musical baptism of sorts, because until you’ve partied it out at this bangin’ festival, you’re still an EDM – and concert – newbie. Welcoming your favorite internationally-acclaimed acts from every corner of the world, Lollapalooza solidifies the Windy City’s reputation as a true cultural hotspot and a must-visit for anyone with an artistic bone in their body. Dance the weekend away to legends like Travis Scott, ODESZA, Tame Impala, 21 Savage and literally every artist on your hype playlist on Spotify. I mean Lollapalooza’s been calling your name for years; isn’t it time you finally gave in?

Dreamstate SoCal (San Bernardino, California) –  November

Doing some California dreamin’ lately? Well then it’s definitely time to grab tickets to this funky music festival unfolding in the heart of SoCal. As one of the most iconic trance music festivals on the West Coast, Dreamstate is guaranteed to leave you entranced. With class acts like Perfect Stranger, Fables, REALITY TEST and Ace Ventura to groove to, it’ll be difficult to snap out of this dream-state!

Electric Forest (Rothbury, Michigan) – June

Make sure to work Rothbury into your Summer road-trip route because you don’t want to miss out on the magical madness unfolding at Electric Forest! And gear up for a spot of camping – wayy more fun than your girl scout days – because there’s no sleeping at this party. If the absurd and the odd are what you crave, then this unique band-centric festival is definitely going to be your cup of tea. Prepare for a thrilling explosion of funky new sounds and captivating colours. Groove along to stunning performances by Disco Biscuits, Rainbow Kitten Surprise, Petit Biscuit and more equally eccentric acts that’ll have you hoping, unlike Taylor Swift, that you aren’t out of the woods  forest yet.

Paradiso Festival ( Quincy, Washington) – June

Unlike Phil Collins, you won’t have to resort to imagining  “another day for you and me in Paradise” because the mother of EDM music festivals, the legendary Paradiso awaits a visit from you this Summer. Yes, that’s right – Paradiso made history as the “largest EDM event ever held in the Pacific Northwest” back in 2012 and has since made its mark as a musical giant to watch out for. With a line-up boasting a perfect mixture of well-loved and edgy artists, this music festival welcomes powerhouses like What So Not, Slumberjack, Moon Boots, and Louis The Child. And what’s more – this festival doubles as the perfect opportunity to do a little camping with your friends too. So be sure to mark your calendars for a date with paradis(o) this June! 

So throw your hands up, they’re playing your song, you know it’s gonna be okay… hit us up to plan a Party in the USA!

Asia EDM – 亚洲最佳EDM音乐节

希望您可以在今年冬天保持甜美的夏季棕褐色而不是冻结脚趾吗? 别担心,因为亚洲以其众多的热带海滩,全年的比基尼天气以及您遇到过的一些最独特的EDM音乐节来恭候您的光临。 认真地打包!

It’s The Ship

曾经在船上连续参加一个星期吗? 好吧,是时候改变这个十一月了! 亚洲最大的海上音乐节“乘船游览”将巡游者带上了一个似乎难忘的节日,同时将他们带到了东南亚一些最热门的旅游目的地–云顶,普吉岛。 在午夜时分炮弹到广阔的游泳池中,欣赏古怪而出色的艺术家(如Hot Dub Time Machine,Chocolate Puma和Moksi)的现场表演。 而且,如果您需要从聚会中休息一下,您可以随时手持含羞草前往这艘豪华游轮的甲板上享受日光浴,因为这是EDM的节日暨假期。 在主题派对和豪华餐厅中,The Ship绝对不会沉闷!

Electric Daisy Carnival Japan

您可能参与了直到太阳升起,但是您是否曾经参加过冉冉升起的太阳? 是您来日本拜访的时候了,因为电动雏菊嘉年华会呼唤您的名字! EDC装置遍布Zozo海洋体育场和Makuhari海滩公园,以提供出色的狂欢体验而著称,日本的热情款待和丰富的当地街头小吃为现场提供了狂野的体验,超过80,000名国际EDM爱好者可以在现场获得。 而且由于它是在5月中旬举行的,所以在主要热浪袭来之前,您可以与ARTBAT,Major Lazer,Vini Vici和Camelphat交流,而不必融化。

Sunburn Festival

如果说Sunburn早在他的时代,那我肯定哥伦布一定会设法将灯光跟随到次大陆,因为这个音乐节尽其所能! Sunburn自豪地赢得了亚洲最大的音乐节的称号,出席人数已超过35万人,拥有先进的音响系统,吸引了来自全球的与会者。 Sunburn音乐节通常在印度聚会之都果阿的Decemeber举行,它以真正多样化的阵容让您摆脱日常生活中的各种烦恼,这一定会让您叹为观止。 从大名鼎鼎的The Chainsmokers和DJ Snake到新兴的音乐大师,如Laughing Buddha和Designer Hippies,每个人都可以在这里找到一杯龙舌兰酒。

Ultra Korea

如果在亚洲最具标志性的城市目的地之一的背景下向DJ Snake,Afrojack和The Martinez Brothers靠拢,听起来对您来说是个暑假,那么这就是您的音乐节! 凭借高质量的制作和适合国王使用的特殊效果,今年6月将在Ultra Korea走进EDM天堂。 很简单:花上一整天的时间,前往Ultra首尔! 快速-喝一口浓烈的烧酒,然后跳上舞池。

Epizode Festival

想摆脱都市生活的喧嚣,但不想放弃聚会? 在新年前夜,跳上越南南部富国岛的阳光普照的海岸,享受无与伦比的EDM魅力。 享誉全球的艺术家从世界的每个角落涌入,以装饰其性感的月光下的舞台,Epizode会让您进一步爱上该类型。 在亚洲EDM领域中寻找DOTT,Zig Zach,Hibiya Line和其他领先者,同时欣赏Lilly Palmer和William Djoko等粉丝最喜欢的外观。 经过两周的夜晚在这片天堂中跳舞之后,您将不愿将航班带回家。

808 Festival

我敢打赌,真正的文化热点曼谷已经在您的旅行清单中。 如果不是,那么808 Festival一定会让您真正改变主意! 808是世界上最具创新性和最令人兴奋的电子音乐节之一,在2013年成立三年内,其808万的观众人数就翻了两番,并吸引了超过15,000名游客,并继续赢得了全世界狂热爱好者的青睐。 每年12月在Napakorn和Ninegod等充满活力的新本地演出以及Steve Aoki,Zedd和Skrillex等国际经典电影之间取得完美的平衡。

Sonar Hong Kong

每年4月,Sonar香港以其为非洲大陆最杰出的城市景观之一,是一个EDM节,完美地体现了其所在城市的进步和折衷性质。除了展示史诗般的EDM精英阵容如Thundercat和John 塔拉伯特Talabot这个节日以引人入胜的虚拟现实装置和融入表演的互动艺术展品而为与会者提供技术前沿的体验而自豪。 如果想在经典狂欢中焕然一新,那就来香港吧!

Electrical Daisy Carnival Korea

如果您热衷于听音乐,那么首尔就是答案! 即使您去过美国的EDC,我也可以保证,EDC韩国将其华丽的场景,令人赞叹的景点和享誉国际的艺术家的独特融合震撼您。 EDC Korea提供一种独一无二的主题公园风格体验,让冒险迷真正地将乘坐过山车的快感与鸡皮b相结合,期待看到您喜欢的EDM偶像,如Alesso和KSHMR。 这个令人难以置信的音乐节于8月底举行,被证明是亲吻夏天的再见并在秋天响起的最佳方式。

Electric Daisy Carnival Guangdong

作为EDC的最新投资项目之一,广东版由于其华丽的烟火表演和逐年提供多感官,沉浸式体验的能力而迅速成为粉丝的最爱。 中国广东省宏伟的长隆国际海洋旅游度假区已转变成电影般的背景,每年11月都会为您带来难忘的EDM之旅。 像Yellow Claw和Marshmello一样疯狂和古怪的车顶篷,您知道自己会度过美好的时光!

Ultra Japan

有什么比让VIP参加星光熠熠的Ultra活动更好? 当然,为什么要让VIP进入日本星光熠熠的Ultra活动! 一边欣赏着The Chainsmokers,ILLENIUM或Gud Vibrations的节拍,一边在这个光彩夺目的音乐盛宴上演绎一些九月中旬的魔法,与您在这里结识的可爱的新朋友一起振作起来。 参加Ultra Japan时,用一块石头杀死两只鸟,是因为参加100,000人的活动不仅将参加日本最大的EDM节,而且还将体验迷人的小岛奥迪亚博Odiabo,高科技的旅游者必须- 看到。 来欣赏音乐,欣赏美景。

还在梦你的以求的电影热带假期吗? 赶快在这里立即规划您的下一个亚洲EDM音乐节足迹

Best EDM Festivals in Asia

Wish you could be working on maintaining that sweet summer tan this winter rather than freezing your toes off? Well fear no more because Asia awaits you with its slew of tropical beaches, year-round bikini weather, and some of the most unique EDM music festivals you’ve ever come across. Seriously, get packing!

It’s The Ship

Ever partied for like a week straight on a ship? Well, it’s time to change that this November! Asia’s largest music festival at sea, It’s The Ship takes ravers on a sea-mingly unforgettable fiesta while whisking them off to some of South-East Asia’s hottest travel destinations – think Genting, think Phuket. Enjoy live performances by wacky and wonderful artists like Hot Dub Time Machine, Chocolate Puma, and Moksi while cannonballing into the sprawling pools at midnight. And if you need a break from the partying, you can always head, mimosa in hand,  to the deck of this luxurious cruise ship to sunbathe because this is an EDM festival-cum-vacation like no other. With themed parties and indulgent restaurants galore, there’s never a dull moment on board The Ship!

Electric Daisy Carnival Japan

You may’ve partied till the sun came up, but have you ever partied in the land of the rising sun? It’s time you paid Japan a visit because Electric Daisy Carnival Tokyo’s calling your name! Sprawling across Zozo Marine Stadium and Makuhari Beach Park, this installation of EDC stands out for providing a rave experience enhanced by signature Japanese hospitality and the abundance of delicious local street food available on-site to over 80,000 international EDM fans. And since it’s held in mid-May, before the major heat waves hit, you’ll be able to groove to ARTBAT, Major Lazer, Vini Vici, and Camelphat without wanting to melt.

Sunburn Festival

If Sunburn was a thing back in his day, I’m sure Columbus would’ve managed to follow the lights to the right subcontinent because this music festival is as lit as it gets! Proudly holding the title of Asia’s biggest music festival with attendance pushing past 350,000, Sunburn boasts state-of-the-art sound systems that attract attendees from all around the globe. Typically hosted around Decemeber in Goa, India’s party capital, Sunburn Festival provides the perfect escape from the mundanities of daily life with a truly diverse line-up that’s sure to take your breath away. From big names like The Chainsmokers and DJ Snake to up-and-coming musical maestros like Laughing Buddha and Designer Hippies – everyone’s sure to find their cup of tea shot of tequila here!

Ultra Korea

If living it up to DJ Snake, Afrojack and The Martinez Brothers against the backdrop of one of Asia’s most iconic urban destinations sounds like a good summer break to you, then this is the music festival for you! With top-quality production and special effects fit for a king, be whisked away into EDM heaven this June at Ultra Korea. It’s simple: for an ultra-soulful time, head over to Ultra Seoul! Quick – take a mighty swig of soju, and hit the dance floor.

Epizode Festival

Craving a break from the buzz of city-life but don’t want to give up partying? Hop on down to the sun-kissed shores of Southern Vietnam’s Phu Quoc Island for some unparalleled EDM magic this new year’s eve. With internationally acclaimed artists pouring in from every corner of the world to grace its sexy moonlit stage, Epizode will have you falling in love with the genre even further. Look out for DOTT, Zig Zach, Hibiya Line and other front-runners in the Asian EDM scene while relishing the appearance of fan-favorites like Lilly Palmer and William Djoko. After a fortnight of dancing the night away in this slice of heaven, you’ll be reluctant to take the flight back home.

808 Festival

I bet Bangkok, a true cultural hotspot, is already on your travel bucket-list. And if it isn’t, 808 Festival is sure to make you change your mind real soon! With a reputation of being one of the most innovative and exciting EDM festivals out there, 808 managed to more than quadruple its attendance to over 15,000 visitors within three years of its establishment in 2013, and has continued to win the hearts of rave seekers worldwide by striking the perfect balance between dynamic new local acts like Napakorn and Ninegod, as well as international classics such as  Steve Aoki, Zedd and Skrillex every December.

Sonar Hong Kong

Gracing one of the continent’s most remarkable urban landscapes every April, Sonar Hong Kong is an EDM festival that wonderfully embodies the progressive and eclectic nature of the city it is held in. Other than presenting an epic line-up of EDM elite like Thundercat and John Talabot, this festival prides itself on providing a technologically cutting-edge experience for attendees as well, with captivating virtual reality installations and interactive art exhibits woven into the performances. For a refreshingly new take on the classic rave, give Hong Kong a go!

Electrical Daisy Carnival Korea

If good music for the soul’s something you crave, then Seoul’s the answer! Even if you’ve been to EDC in the States, I can guarantee that EDC Korea will blow your mind with its unique amalgamation of ornate sets, jaw-dropping attractions and internationally acclaimed artists. Offering a one-of-a-kind theme-park style experience, EDC Korea lets adventure junkies literally combine the thrill of riding a rollercoaster with the goosebump-inducing anticipation of witnessing your favourite EDM idols like Alesso and KSHMR in action. Held at the very end of August, this incredible music festival proves to be the best way to kiss summer goodbye and ring in fall.

Electric Daisy Carnival Guangdong

One of the newest ventures of EDC, the Guangdong edition has quickly become an absolute fan-favorite because of its extravagant firework displays and ability to deliver a multi-sensory, immersive experience year upon year. The magnificent Chimelong International Ocean Tourist Resort in China’s Guangdong province is transformed into a practically cinematic backdrop for an unforgettable EDM getaway every November. With headliners as wild and wacky as Yellow Claw and Marshmello, you know you’re in for a good time!

Ultra Japan

What’s better than getting VIP passes to a star-studded Ultra event? Why, getting VIP passes to a star-studded Ultra event in Japan, of course! Conjure up some mid-September magic at this gloriously extravagant musical bonanza while you groove to the beat of The Chainsmokers, ILLENIUM, or Gud Vibrations, singing your heart out with the lovely new people you’ll befriend here. Kill two birds with one stone when you attend Ultra Japan because, with 100,000 people in attendance,  you’ll not only be at the country’s largest EDM festival  but also be experiencing the enchanting Tokyo Park of Odiabo, a high-tech, tourist must-see. Come for the music, stay for the view.

Still dreaming of your straight-out-of-a-movie tropical getaway? Hurry and map out your next Asian EDM festival trail right here, right now!