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Inside Drake’s New 50,000 Sq Foot Toronto Mansion

Remember the chintzy, pimped-out McMansions that were a staple of the long-running MTV series Cribs? The Toronto home of mega recording artist Aubrey Drake Graham is something else altogether. Measuring 50,000 square feet, with amenities such as an NBA regulation-size indoor basketball court crowned by a 21-square-foot pyramidal skylight, Drake’s astonishing domicile certainly qualifies as extravagant.

But instead of vast expanses of cheap drywall and mountains of ungainly furniture upholstered with a hot glue gun, stately Drake Manor, as envisioned by Canadian architectural and interior designer Ferris Rafauli, is a marvel of old-world craftsmanship, constructed of limestone, bronze, exotic woods, and other noble materials. Every detail of the sprawling property has been meticulously conceived and executed. And there isn’t a Scarface poster in sight.

Drake took to Instagram to give us a tour of the home in his story, and the it’s absolutely insane! During the tour, the 33-year-old rapper shows off one of his living areas, complete with plush grey furniture decorated with cushions and slick, shiny coffee tables.

The expansive room is home to a roaring fireplace with a tall mirror hanging above it. Huge chandeliers scale the high ceilings and a grand piano sits in the corner of one of the rooms.

Drake also gave fans a glimpse of his mega kitchen, which boasts an opulent marble island and rows of navy blue chairs for his guests to casually dine at. Huge chandeliers adorn the ceiling while a grand piano sits in one of the living areas.

Oh, and did we mention the toilet? The rapper’s home comes with a rather unique toilet that plays soothing music to relax you while you, ahem, do your business. Not to mention it projects colorful lights and the lid lifts automatically, so even going to the bathroom can be a quite the experience.

Previous coverage reported that the master suite alone is twice the size of a regular apartment and features two covered decks, a hot tub, a dressing room, a kitchenette, and a steam shower, among other things.

The crib also features an NBA regulation-size basketball court, which couldn’t be a better fit for the Toronto Raptors global ambassador! Full gallery below:

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Pharrell Williams’ New $30M Miami Mansion

Producer/artist Pharrell Williams‘ has bought a new mind-blowing Miami mansion to ride out the coronavirus quarantine.

The star has moved into the luxury waterside property during lockdown – and it’s more than enough to make him “happy.”

The 47-year-old is the owner of the palatial property located in Coral Gables, Florida.

The 17,025-square-foot estate boasts 3.3 acres, nine bedrooms, 12 bathrooms and 35 feet of stunning waterfront, more than enough for his wife Helen Lasichanh, 39, and 11-year-old son Rocket.

The multi-million dollar property includes a wine cellar holding up to 2,000 bottles, a library, a pub-style bar, a large living room complete with a fireplace and – if he’s feeling tired – an elevator that travels between the floors.

The second-floor rooms all come with spacious balconies that overlook the swimming pool in the backyard and all have a view of the water.

The outer area is just as impressive with rows of palm trees, a koi pond, coral rock pathways and a boathouse.

Of course, there’s a large space for outdoor cooking and dining, perfect entertaining guests after the lockdown is over. was built in 2006.

It hit the market in 2018 for $45 million.

A source told the Post: “He had been looking for a while, but he made a move quickly because he wanted to be quarantined there.”

The grounds are simply stunning with a vast amount of trees and greenery, along with a boat house area to keep and vessels he has.

An immaculate lawn and sprawling grounds means you can get lost in the garden – and never have to leave.

A majestic palace to be in during the coronavirus pandemic lockdown, it’s clear to see why he wanted to be quarantined in this palatial property.

The Happy star sold his Beverly Hills mansion last month for a slightly less $16.95 million.

Plus he owns a place in the Hollywood Hills estate that he purchased for $7.14 million that he’s had since 2015.

The multi-talented singer-songwriter is now the proud owner of the Miami mansion, known as El Palmar.

Full gallery below: