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Best EDM Clubs in Brooklyn

Today, we’re off to Brookyln, New York, now home to Kevin Durrant and Kyrie Irving. But we’re not here to talk about basketball. Unknown to many, Brooklyn has transformed into a hub made up of EDM creators and clubs. Today, we want to pay special attention to these venues who day by day become more and more popular for their uncanny abilit to bring in the top DJs from around the globe. With that being said, lets get to it.

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Avant Gardner (Great Hall)

Avant Gardner is a large-scale event venue located in East Williamsburg that makes up a substantial NYC market void for EDM audio. The venues are capable of hosting immersive and experiential events for up to 6,200 attendees. It is ideal for music and concerts but is meticulously designed to host any kind of event. 

The Great Hall is a massive and soaring space. The aesthetic is a combination between industrial chic and organic tech. The venue features exposed beams and brick with waving wood slats over sound-absorbing surfaces. This space achieves the acoustics of the most renowned concert halls. With real wood flooring, modular staging and seating, it is the ideal setting for concerts, dances, exhibits, theater, trade or fashion shows, festivals and beyond. The Great Hall has a massive arsenal to deliever a top tier expeirence for attendees, with a KV2 Audio’s VHD5.0 sound system, a vast array of projectors, and fully programmable lighting fixtures immerse concert goers in the ultimate experience. 

Avant Gardner (Kings Hall)

The Kings Hall is its own friendly little venue within the grand Avant Gardner complex. Warmth and close proximity was the driving idea behind its design: hand-carved wood paneling on the walls, and real wood floor throughout. The lighting is incandescent and analog. Perhaps the coolest feature of this venue is that the entire ceiling is made of variable opacity glass panels programmable to different patterns, using natural sunlight for an unprecedented visual effect.

Of course, KV2 Audio provides sound installation and design that rivals that of the most acclaimed nightclubs. Whether it’s a DJ performance, a wedding banquet or a charity gala, it’s a space fit for a king.

Avant Gardner (Lost Circus) 

The Lost Circus exists within the circular framework of a lavishly decorated 1920’s vintage Belgian Spiegeltent. Althoguth not mirroring a typical nightclub, this veneu is fun and well worth checking out. Table seating with velvet booths and specialized visual walls line the outer edges of the wood-slatted dance floor, and a small stage gives performers the perfect vantage point to amuse an audience.

Table seating with velvet booths and mirrored walls line the outer edges of the wood-slatted dance floor, and a small stage gives performers the perfect vantage point to amuse an audience.

With an array of dance-floor lighting and speakers lining the edge of the center ring, this Winter attraction cannot be missed.

Avant Gardner (Mirage)

Brooklyn Mirage is one of the more spectacular and visually stunning venues we’ve seen to date. The open-air and gorgeous architecture makes this venue truly magnificent and rivals the biggest and best clubs we’ve seen.

The Brookyln Mirage is considered an outdoor oasis in Brooklyn, located within the Avant Gardner complex. The venue is situated in the heart of East Williamsburn and is open during the summer season each year, and comes decked out with thousands of plants, palm trees, unreal VIP tables and a KV2 Audio system. This breathtaking venue has hosted some of the biggest names in EDM, and continues to reward audiences with unfrogettable shows. This club is a must see for oneself, so be sure to check out upcoming events so not to miss out!

Bossa Nova Civic Club

Bossa Nova Civic Club s New York’s most friendly house and techno hangout. The 140-capacity bar sits beneath the rumbling subway overpass in Bushwick, Brooklyn’s hippest neighborhood. Depending on the night, you’re likely to hear industrial techno, live hardware sets or jacking house, usually served up by local artists. This is one of the coolest venues we’ve seen in Brooklyn, as the scene is focused on house music and not much else. For an upgraded experience, tables are available for purchase so you may comfortably enjoy underground house music.

For many, this venue might feel like home or an escape from the typical nightlife club scene playing radio hits. We couldn’t agree more. For those in search of a Monday night dance party, this is one of the only spots you’re likely to find in this part of the borough. Luckily for us, we can see who’s performing tonight by clicking upcoming events. Hope to see ya there.

Brooklyn Steel

Brooklyn Steel is a 1,800-capacity music venue in Brooklyn, New York City, New York. In 2018 Brooklyn Steel was named one of the 10 best live music venues in America by Rolling Stone Magazine. But thats not all. This venue has become a favorite spot for muscians from all genres.

Brooklyn Steel has begun to gain traction in the EDM community, as international DJ R3hab recently ended his north America tour at Brooklyn Steel. This venue has become a favorite by many artists making catching your favorite DJs harder and harder. Although this club isn’t striclty EDM, they somehow continue to bring in the biggest DJs from around the world. Make sure to check out upcoming events so not to miss one of your favorites preforming near you.


Polygon is one of Brooklyn’s top after-hours spots. Polygon BK wishes the joining of people from all walks of life together under one roof (and two rooftops) to enjoy in the polygon of life – art, music, food, culture. Philosophizing freedom of expression from the poly-imaginative – performers, musicians, artists, DJs, producers, and the surrounding community, Polygon BK is an eccentric venue for music and entertainment.

Located on the border of East Williamsburg and Bushwick, Brooklyn, this 5,400 sq ft space provides 360 degrees of sound and geometric design. Polygon is a place for the imagination to run free with a smooth, futuristic ambiance making any event extraordinary. One must experience these extraordinary events at Polygon as two Funktion One sound-systems dress three DJ/live music areas – one main indoor dancefloor, the Polygon room, and two outdoor all-season roof decks for summer to winter entertaining.

The eccentricities don’t stop at club nights. With a full wrap-around bar, kitchen, and two outdoor spaces that can be used year-round, Polygon serves as the premier space for club nights, live bands, corporate events, art shows, weddings, and more.


When you stroll up to Schimanski, it doesn’t look much different from its defunct predecessor, Verboten, with its façade of classy rusted metal and sandblasted brickwork. Inside, the Williamsburg, Brooklyn nightclub looked pretty much identical too, aside from the addition of a high-end Alpha Dynacord sound system.

Inside, the place feesl comfortingly familiar to Verboten initiates; the long bar is to your left, bathroom to the right. The reclaimed wood floor and exposed warehouse rafters remain—as does the venue’s sizeable sideroom, which happened to be shuttered for the night. There was also a similar immersive video projection system that wraps around the club’s walls, tables, while illuminating the space with trippy visuals. 

Onstage, DJs shuffle through expected genre variants like tech-house, Latin house, and grimy techno, keeping heart rates somewhere around 128 BPM with a steady 4×4 kick drum. You would not want to miss seeing your favorite DJ perform here, so check out upcoming events at Schmanksi.

he giant speaker stacks hanging on either side of the DJ booth and lining the floor beneath it sent feels through every part of the body—and the additional speakers spread throughout the space, including over the bar, ensured that the sound carried pretty well throughout.

99 Scott

Discreetly settled between East Williamsburg and Bushwick, 99 Scott officially opened its doors to the public very recently. 99 Scott is an event space who derives its name from its address. It seems the creators wanted to ensure attendees find their event space without any hassle or confusion. Not a terrible idea. The club itself is a wild experience. DJs make use of the loud sound system and lighting to deliver warehouse performances you are sure not to forget.

In the lead-up to their official opening and throughout their two-year construction period, the team at 99 Scott have made an intentional effort to collaborate on joint programming with the rich 99 Scott Avenue community of surrounding artists and vendors. Boasting 20-foot-high ceilings with windows to match, 99 Scott is a blank slate ready to be transformed for any event.

Honorable Mentions: House of Yes

House of Yes is a creative nightlife performance space located in Bushwick, Brooklyn, that fuses dance culture, theatre, music, food, technology and community. Althought not a club, were giving House of Yes an honorable mention. Why? This venue is totally crazy and unlike anything you’ve probably seen. The place is “truly one of a kind” and althought not heavy set on big house name DJ’s, there are nights where deep house and techno floor through the speakers. No cameras allowed, so we can only imagine the debauchery that fills the dancefloor.

The current space is open to the public during events and shows and focuses on programming that allows for audience interaction and innovation in circus entertainment. .

As a theatre and performance art space, the catalogue of shows range from immersive cinema screenings by Little Cinema, variety shows, House and Disco music dance parties, live music and interdisciplinary media productions. The far-reaching goal is “to create art that’s accessible and meaningful and a really good time too”. To experience this really good time, make sure to check out upcoming events at the House of Yes.

Output: Brooklyn’s Hottest Rooftop Club

Prepare yourself – Output Club in Brooklyn is gearing up for a sizzling summer of the best rooftop dancing in the area. Tucked away in a corner of New York City were the elite pay thousands for bottle service, lies an oasis of pure, unadulterated dance music. No phones to take pictures with, no VIP to separate partiers – just one of the best sound systems in the world, and an atmosphere that will bring you back to the golden age of the underground genres.

Summer’s Almost Here

Output is technically separated into three distinct rooms: their main room, the panther room and of course The Roof. The latter of which we will be discussing today, as even if it doesn’t feel like it yet in NYC – spring and summer are just around the corner. The Roof curates a vibe all its own and pulls some of the most exciting artists that NYC can handle. Finally they have announced the opening weekend for the eclectic deck of NYC’s most beloved club and dropped a summer schedule that will have you asking yourself if you can just pay rent and stay indefinitely.

Opening weekend for the roof will be May 11-13 and from there on out some of the best names in techno, house and everything in between will be bringing the heat. Check out the schedule below, and a friendly piece of advice – do not miss Alex Cruz. I can safely say I have not seen a set as magical as him in quite some time. For advanced tickets and more info on The Roof you can visit here.

Full Show List

Friday Night Live May 11
Roy Ayers (live)

Sunday May 13
Resolute on The Roof
Move D
Lauren Ritter

Saturday May 19
Tiki Disco

Sundays on The Roof May 20
Nicolas Matar

Thursday May 24
Arcana Presents
Jesse Calosso
Jean Pierre
Blas Cordero

Friday Night Live May 25
KiNK (live)
Giorgia Angiuli (live)

Saturday May 26
718 Sessions
Danny Krivit

Sundays on The Roof May 27
Nico Stojan
Christian Voldstad

Monday May 28
Everyday Afrique
DJ Moma
Silent Addy
Rich Knight

Saturday June 2
The Ritual with
Anané and Louie Vega

Sundays on The Roof June 3
Tom Trago

Friday Night Live June 8
Stavroz (live)
Crussen (live)

Saturday June 9
Dubfire (classic house set)
Nicolas Matar

Sundays on The Roof June 10
Mano Le Tough
Ray Zuniga

Friday June 22

Saturday June 30
Tiki Disco

Sundays on The Roof July 1

Wednesday July 4
Everyday Afrique

Saturday July 7
David Morales

Sundays on The Roof July 8
tINI & the gang

Sunday July 15
Resolute on The Roof:
Daniel Bell
Thomas Melchior
Kalabrese & Rumpleorchester (live)

Saturday July 21
718 Sessions
Danny Krivit

Wednesday July 25
The Scumfrog

Saturday July 28
Tiki Disco

Sunday July 29
DJ Tennis

Sundays on The Roof August 5
Francis Harris
DJ Fett Burger

Saturday August 18
718 Sessions
Danny Krivit

Wednesday August 22
M.B.T.S (Most Below The Surface)
The Scumfrog

Saturday August 25
Tiki Disco

Sunday August 26
Kerri Chandler

Sundays on The Roof September 2
Prins Thomas

Monday September 3
Everyday Afrique

Saturday September 8
Tiki Disco

Sundays on The Roof September 9
Francesca Lombardo

Saturday September 15
718 Sessions
Danny Krivit

Sundays on The Roof September 16

Saturday September 22
Deep & Sexy
Alex Cruz