1015 Folsom is located at 1015 Folsom

Nights Open

10 PM – 3 AM Fridays and Saturdays

1015 Folsom sells presale tickets to most of their shows.

Tickets generally start at $35 for ladies, $55 for gents. Expect to pay more for special events and bigger DJs. See upcoming events and buy tickets to 1015 Folsom here or on our free mobile app.

Cover at the door usually starts at a higher price so if you definitely want to attend we would recommend buying tickets.

Ticket holders get quicker, expedited admission as well – on average, you’ll wait half as long in the ticket line vs the guestlist line. If you can make it to the club early, we would recommend signing up for the free guest list. You can sign up for 1015 Folsom Guestlist here.

There is almost always a free guest list for ladies. On Fridays and Sundays we usually have a guest list for guys in parties with even ratio.

1015 Folsom Promo Code

Use promo code STUPAK to get $5 off your ticket purchases here. (or, We do not currently have a discount code for 1015 Folsom)

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