The Best Boozy Brunch Parties in New York

Lets talk about NYC’s best boozy brunch parties.

Before we get into it– lets be clear about what a boozy brunch party is, and what it is not:

What a boozy brunch party is: The biggest bottle of rosé you’ve ever seen.  Sparklers.  Models dancing on table tops.  House music.

What a boozy brunch party is not: a place to bring your grandma.   Unless she’s cool like Meryl Streep.

To explain it another way, we put together this little comparison of brunch parties vs. traditional brunches. We hope you like it.

Boozy Brunch

  • You will quench your thirst by: Guzzling champagne from a magnum sized bottle
  • If it were a car it would be a:  Ferrari
  • The mood of the room: Dancing on the tables
  • What you will order: Champagne bottles the size of a small human
  • If you don’t go you will get:  a serious case of FOMO

Traditional Brunch

  • You will quench your thirst by: nursing a cappuccino
  • If it were a car it would be a: Volvo station wagon
  • The mood of the room: Slow and sleepy
  • What you will order: Maybe a mimosa
  • If you don’t go you will get: to sleep in

Now that you understand what a “boozy” brunch party is– which one of NYC many brunch parties should you go to? That is a good questions. Lucky for you we have put together this list of all the ones that you need to know about.



Lavo Brunch

The king of the brunch parties.  Lavo brunch does the same stuff as any other party—it just does it better.  If we had to pick one thing that really set this party apart it would be this:  You get to dance on the table tops.  That may seem like a small detail- but trust us, when you are up there, spraying the room with champagne, it makes all the difference.  Lavo brunch is the party for people who demand the best, and can afford to pay for it.



Day & Night

Day & Night offers a brunch party that is definitely more focused on the ‘party’ than it is on the ‘brunch.’ Day & Night feels a lot more like a nightclub party than many of the other brunches– and that is not really surprising, as the brunch is actually held in a club / concert venue (unlike the other brunches, which are all held in restaurants).


Bagatelle Brunch Party

Inspired by the brunch parties in St. Tropez- the brunch party at Bagatelle was the first of its kind in the Meat Packing District.  Bagatelle has a French inspired menu, with a few classic American morning munchies thrown in.   Our recommendation:  get there before 3pm so that you can have time to eat and catch up with your friends before the party kicks into full swing at 4pm.



Eggs benny.  Bottles of champagne.  Dancing on tables.  What more need we say?



If you’ve never experienced a boozy brunch before we highly recommend trying it at least once. It’s fantastically fun.