What are the Best Places to Party in Miami?

There are plenty of fun places to party when visiting Miami, but if nightlife isn’t numero uno on your list then you’re doing it all wrong, amigo. (OK OK, I will concede that nightlife can be second to Miami’s famed private yacht parties. But I digress….)

Along with NYC, LA, and Las Vegas, Miami sits on the top tier of nightlife cities in the U.S., if not the entire world. For these top-tier cities, a diverse array of out-of-towners visit specifically to partake in late nights out, and so the nightlife scene is crazy on the weekends and does not let up much during the week. That being said, as you would expect, your pool of weekday options is smaller, the hotspots are less obvious and always changing, and you’re more apt to be surrounded by locals (who are less likely to be interested in meeting and mingling with tourists). In addition, Miami’s glitterati and socialite circles prefer to go out Mon/Tue/Wed to enjoy a higher degree of privacy/exclusivity, as do the local working-class twentysomethings who spend their weekends toiling within Miami’s massive service & tourism industries.

There are numerous nightlife options featuring an eclectic array of music styles – electronic, hip-hop, Brazilian/Latin – at Miami’s numerous traditional dance nightclubs. You can use the Discotech app to search events by the specific dates you’ll be in town and buy tickets, sign up for guest lists, or even reserve tables if you’re feeling super-fancy. If you’re not sure where to start, check out our guide to Miami nightlife. Note that most clubs that are open on weekends also have one signature weeknight for which they are known to draw bigger crowds, e.g. Mokai or Rockwell on Mondays, or Do Not Sit on Wednesdays. If you’re looking for EDM music in Miami your best options are going to be Liv, Story, Do Not Sit, Treehouse, Trade, Heart, and Nikki Beach. The top hip hop clubs in Miami include Rockwell, Mokai, E11even and Doheny Room. On you’ll have some big hip hop artists at Story or Live – check our app to see upcoming artists! After perusing the app to get ideas, don’t hesitate to ask us for further guidance – we’re more than happy to give a few recs.

Apart from traditional dance clubs, the most crowded mid-week spots to party will be where the locals hang out: happy hour bars in Brickell and Coconut Grove, restaurants and hipster/artist lounges in up-and-coming Wynwood, and of course Miami’s famous (infamous?) strip clubs: Tootsies, King of Diamonds, G5ive, and E11even, the latter of which is actually a hybrid strip/dance club concept worth checking out on any day of the week. And of course, during high tourist season (March through June), even the South Beach tourist trap bars will be as packed with college kids and European and South American visitors during the week as they are on the weekends.


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