Top Nightclubs to Party With Celebrities in LA 2021

There’s nothing more fun than spotting celebrities during a night on the town. And when you’re in LA, there are plenty of cool dance clubs, bars, and restaurants where you might see your favorite movie star any day or night of the week.

Celebs love hitting the best clubs in LA. After all, they want to party just like everyone else. But you might be wondering – which nightclubs might I be partying next to Diddy or Katy Perry?

In this article we take a look some hot LA clubs where you just might get lucky. Keep reading for a list of trending clubs where the rich and famous love to hang out.

Warwick – Hollywood

The top nights at this Hollywood club are Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday. Celebs and other upscale clientele make themselves at home in this vast brick-walled warehouse with chandeliers hanging from wooden rafters and comfy sofas all over the place, but all the seating is basically bottle service. There’s no real dance floor, but people dance between the sofas and around the DJ. There’s also a more intimate lounge upstairs. 

Hyde Sunset – West Hollywood

This club on the Hollywood-West Hollywood border is busiest on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights. Hyde Sunset is an SBE venue that prides itself on keeping the riff-raff away from the A-list. It’s a trendy, but inconsistent, restaurant with a “smart casual” dress code until 9 p.m. Then at 10:30 p.m. it turns into a cocktail lounge where young celebs can hang out with their friends without being bothered by the likes of regular people. There are DJs spinning, but no dance floor. If you reserve for late dinner, you might get lucky and get access to the club afterward. If you reserve for an earlier dinner, they’ll give you an hour and a half to give up your table, so no three hours of reminiscing. If you’re just interested in the lounge, plan on bottle service or don’t bother. 

Bootsy Bellows – West Hollywood

You really have to know someone to get into this West Hollywood club, especially on Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday nights.  A tribute to actor David Arquette’s mother, who was a burlesque dancer and pinup model, Bootsy Bellows is an intimate ’60s glam dance club with live music, DJs, and creepy marionettes with the occasional quirky burlesque show. 

Delilah – West Hollywood

This 1920s-style lounge is a glamorous hangout for celebs that will remind you of Hollywood’s Golden Era. Delilah doubles as both a restaurant and nightclub, and is one of the go-to locations for much of New Hollywood.

They have a killer wine and cocktail list, but you’ll want to come for the people watching, so expect to see A-list faces any night of the week. 

Highlight Room – Hollywood

The Dream Hollywood’s final concept is here, and boy it’s beauty. The Highlight Room takes over the rooftop and poolside at the mod hotel, which officially opens tonight with some of the sweetest views in Hollywood. With clear cut vistas looking out to Hollywood and beyond, it’s clearly outfitted to become an evening party space, what with speakers galore, two DJ booths, and bottle service.

The far corner of the rooftop contains a decent number of dinner tables, where they’ll have full service. Think hamachi crudo, lobster toast, chopped chicken salad, and grilled prawns, with some amazing views to boot.

The southern stretch of the space feels more like a nightclub, with low-flung tables and and pricey cocktails (Ace of Spade bottles run a cool $1K, for the ballers out there). Revelers looking to relax by the pool, which takes the center of the rooftop, could sip on a boozy watermelon lemonade while taking bites of wagyu sliders and pea hummus. Cabanas require reservations, and the entire roof is only available to hotel guests during the day. Starting at 6 p.m. on weekdays, things open up to the public, except on weekends when the rooftop opens at 1 p.m. for everyone.