Avalon Hollywood is located at 1735 Vine Street

Nights Open

Thurs-Sat, 9:30 PM–6 AM, hours and days can vary by event

How much is table service at Avalon?

Bottle service minimums typically ranges from $450-$2500 depending on the night and talent. You can view table pricing directly on our free mobile app, or see table pricing and book Avalon bottle service directly here

What is the cheapest table available at Avalon?

The cheapest table at Avalon is usually around $450 depending on the night.

Avalon Bottle Service Deals

We do not currently have any bottle service deals at Avalon.

Which is the best table at Avalon?

Most of the tables at Avalon are pretty solid – the best tables are usually on the dance floor or stage. If it’s a busy night the loge area is usually preferred as it’s less crowded. If you only have a 1 bottle min you’re going to have to arrive early in order to ensure a better placement. For a $1000 table, you will have a more premium placement. However we still recommend arriving early in order to lock down the best possible table.

Avalon VIP Host / Promoter

Looking for a promoter or VIP host for Avalon? We can help. Book your table here and someone will be in touch, or feel free to contact us at info@discotech.me or call/text us at at 415-735-6716.

Avalon Table Floor Plan

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