The Best After-Hours Clubs in Las Vegas With Guest List

What are after-hour spots? After hour spots are venues, clubs, bars, or lounges that will still welcome you late into the night. How late are we talking? Very late. After-hour venues welcome you when the DJ at the club starts winding down (usually around 3 am). You’re not ready to let the night end so soon. After-hour spots are great to know, because when your squad is looking for something to do late at night, you can keep the night going by suggesting one of the following locations.

What makes these after-hours venues special? Discotech has teamed up with each one and can offer users Guest List, giving you free entry! It’s much safer then showing up at the club empty-handed. With thousands of successful club entries and counting, Discotech’s Guest List feature makes sure your night ends when you want it to! With that being said, let’s see the hottest after-hours clubs in LV!

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Drai’s After Hours

Drai’s After Hours is one of the hottest spots for late night partying. This is a place you want to be. But it’s not so easy getting in. Unless, you have Discotech, where you can sign up for Guest List at Drai’s After Hours. With Discotech downloaded on your phone, sign yourself up for free Guest List at Drai’s After Hours, which will dramatically increase the chance you find yourself inside. If you’re looking for after-hours fun on the Strip, this is the place to be. Drai’s founded the “after-hours” late-night theory in 1997, giving a close and exclusive spot where the party continues til sunrise.

Nights Open: Thurs Night (Friday Morning) – Sun Night (Monday Morning) 1 AM – 10 AM

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Terrace After Hours

Terrace Afterhours is one of the best after-hours nightclub in Las Vegas, playing underground house and techno past sunrise. If looking to find your way inside, look no further! With Guest List at Terrace Afterhours through Discotech, the process is easy and the chances of you getting into this club is far higher. The venue features views of the Strip and hills when on the rooftop, with new house music that’s sure to keep you partying all night long!

Nights Open: Saturdays Night/Sunday Morning 2:30am – 8:00am

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Tempo Afterhours

Tempo Afterhours is another one of the hot after-hours options in Vegas. The party starts at 2 and continues till sunrise! This venue is one of our favorites. Open 4 nights a week, the place is a go-to when in need of staying up late and partying the night away. But how do you plan on getting in? Guest List at Tempo Afterhours is your safest bet. Sign up wherever you are and whenever is convenient for you by opening Discotech and signing yourself up.

Days Open: Thurs Night (Fri Morning) – Sat NIght (Sun Morning) 2 AM – 8 AM

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