Lavo is inside the Palazzo at 3325 S Las Vegas Blvd

Nights Open

11 PM – close Fri & Sat nights, 2 PM – 6 PM Sat Brunch

How much is table service at Lavo?

Tables at Lavo are pretty reasonable as far as Vegas nightclubs go. You can get a small table for 350 for 6 guests, or a large lounge table for $700 for 12 guests.

How much is table service at Lavo Brunch?

Lavo brunch minimums can be spent on food and beverage.

We have the following table options for Lavo Brunch Las Vegas:

  • Lounge Table – $1000 min, 10 guests
  • 2nd Tier Table – $2000 min, 15 guests
  • Prime table – $3000 min, 15 guests

Which is the best table at Lavo?

Lavo is a fairly small club so all the tables are pretty close to the action.

For Lavo brunch the Prime tables are the best tables in the house.

Lavo Las Vegas Table Floor Plan

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