Encore Beach Club is at the Encore at 3121 S Las Vegas Blvd

Days Open

11 AM – 7 PM Fri, Sat & Sun

How much is table service at Encore Beach Club?

Tables at Encore Beach Club do not come cheap – this is one of the most popular events in Vegas! Table minimums for EBC vary widely depending on day and talent. With cocktails and drinks at $15+ apiece, and factoring in a $50-60 ticket, it actually is not that much more to just go with bottle service, assuming you have a big enough group to split it with. Saturday at EBC is one of the most popular dayparties in Vegas, so expect the most expensive minimums. Mins on Thursday (EBC at Night nightswim), Friday, and Sunday are generally lower. Contact us below and we’ll be happy to help you out!

Which is the best table at Encore Beach Club?

Cabanas are best for large groups of 10-20. Lily pads are in the pool and closest to the action. One downside to lily pads though is that you can’t order food on them since they are in the water. Gaming pavillion tables are a bit further from the action but they are actually pretty good value.

Encore Beach Club Table & Cabana Floor Plan

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Encore Beach Club Bottle Menu

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