Drai’s After Hours is inside The Cromwell at 3595 S Las Vegas Blvd

Nights Open

1 AM – 10 AM Thurs – Sun

Does Drai’s After Hours have a guestlist?

We do not currently have a guest list for Drai’s After Hours. Because Drai’s opens at 1 AM and is one of the primary after hours spots on the strip, it typically does not use a guest list.

What is the cover charge at Drai’s After Hours?

On any normal night you’re looking at $20 for girls, $30 for guys. If it’s a holiday or special occasion (EDC, holidays, etc.) the price may be higher.

How do I get on the guestlist for Drai’s After Hours?

We do not have a guest list for Drai’s at the moment unfortunately. Generally the only way to go to Drai’s After Hours is to show up and pay general admission. If there is a long line there, you can usually tip the bouncer or host $20 per person to skip it.

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