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Best Cities in Mexico for Nightlife & Partying

Whether you speak Spanish or not, make sure you know how to toast correctly in a Spanish speaking country before you go: Arriba! (lift your glass up) Abajo! (touch your glass on the table) Al centro! (tap glasses in the center) Pa’dentro! (down your drink). Now that that’s settled, let the party begin. Get ready for your trip to Mexico, here are the best 6 cities in Mexico for crazy nights:

1. Cancún, Quintana Roo

Think of it as Las Vegas in Mexico. Whether you decide to party at an all-inclusive resort or in town, Cancún has over-the-top partying and wild nightlife for sleepless nights. Head to Coco Bongo for all you drink bars, great music and a dance floor. Abolengo, Mandala, and La Vaquita are just a few of the many nightclubs in Cancún. The wide white sand beaches and the aqua blue Caribbean Sea are the perfect combination to visit Mandala Beach, Zama Beach Club or Unico Beach for live music, drinks and beautiful scenery. Or, if you want to leave the decision making to the experts – check out the Cancun Bar/club crawl – use promo code DISCO to get $5 off your ticket!

Once you’re done with your swimsuit, get ready to go on a bar hopping tour that takes you around the beautiful city while enjoying delicious drinks. And guess what? Not only is the drinking age 18, most clubs and some bars offer open bar bracelets for unlimited drinks all night long. Make sure to visit one of the seven wonders of the world, Chichen Itza and don’t worry you get a warm up technique shot on the tour.  

2. Tulum, Quintana Roo

While Tulum’s nightlife doesn’t have the whistle blowing, tequila shooting madness of its northern neighbors, Playa de Carmen and Cancun, it has an upscale nightlife scene inspired by New York and Los Angeles mixed with world renown electronic events and DJ’s immersed in a jungle setting. Take away the cover charge, dress code, and pretentiousness and add a jungle locale and a lot of house music, now you’re in Tulum now known world wide for its unmatched nightlife personality.

Cash: Most bars in Tulum accept cash only, even the high-end ones. Some accept U.S. dollars, but most require payment in Mexican pesos. If given the option, pay in pesos to get the best rates; you will always overpay if using dollars. Many bars that do allow credit cards add a 3% surcharge.

Most of Tulum’s best bars are in the Pueblo (PRE COVID) or Middle Beach Zone. The Pueblo has more laid back, affordable bars, while the Middle Beach Zone has more chic, upscale spots. Most bars in the beach zones are on the jungle side of the road with outdoor seating.

Closing times: Pre Covid party venues would close 4 or 5 AM now in Covid times 1AM is closing time, except for your private after parties.

If is your first time in Tulum check out the Tulumcrawl they do nightly bar crawls and take you to 4 or 5 happening places in one night, so its a nice introduction to town and its guests.

3. Cabo San Lucas, Los Cabos

Cabo San Lucas is ground zero for the party scene in Los Cabos, so you have plenty of both day and night options.

Mango Deck is a well known daytime bar by the beach. If you’re looking for a wild-on, full blown spring break experience, this should be your first choice. Another nice choice for either day or sunset parties is Blue Marlin Ibiza, which caters to more of a young adult crowd. Although less intense than the Mango Deck, parties here are loud and long, with tech-house DJs doing sunset sets for a spaced out audience chilling in or by the pool. Omnia Cabo is another luxurious dayclub / pool party option, featuring some of the world’s biggest DJs and artists.

At night, you can go as deep into the rabbit hole of Cabo San Lucas’ nightlife as you wish to. Cabo Wabo Cantina is a classic, colorful place with tasty drinks and live rock bands. Not the hottest spot in town, but charming in its own way.

If you’re after the whole night club experience, you can’t miss Mandala and Pink Kitty. The former is an open space that plays anything from hip-hop to techno as the night progresses. The latter is an elegant, japanese-themed night club whose nights are known to last longer than most places in town. DJs like Steve Aoki have played here.

If you’re more of a party animal -or want to feel like one for a night-, El Squid Roe is the place for you. Picture a three story, theatre-like club with a “streets of London” theme. Over stimulation is the perfect way to describe the dazzling lights, heavy breathing and loud music that goes on in here. Waiters carry spray tanks full of tequila and confetti blows through the air.

And of course, the CaboCrawl is always an option if you’re looking to party with new friends in a guided tour of Cabo nightlife. Use promo code DISCO for $5 off your ticket!

4. Guadalajara, Jalisco

Get ready to drink a lot of tequila because you’re about to visit its birthplace. Guadalajara is the perfect city for tequila lovers and taking a day trip to town for tequila tasting is a must. Not surprisingly, Guadalajara offers some of the best nightclubs to dance all night, visit Bar Americas, Kin Kin, or Funky Town. If you are visiting Guadalajara in August, you must celebrate the International Mariachi Festival full of parades, free concerts, and gala shows. 

When you’re ready for some food, you have to eat dinner at Birreria las 9 Esquinas and expect the most delicious spicy stew you will ever taste. During the day, you can visit gardens in Parque Colomos and Guachimontones for peaceful green spaces to enjoy nature. 

5. Tijuana, Baja California

This city of sin is a must visit when you plan your trip to Mexico. The border city is only 2 hours from Los Angeles which makes it the perfect quick getaway. Make sure you got your swimsuit as Tijuana is known for some of Mexico’s hottest surf spots. As the sun goes down, head to Deck 22 or Tia Juana Tilly’s for some drink to get the night started. After pregaming for a bit, go to Al Alebrije for the best electronic music and reggaeton or Las Pulgas for five different styles of music. If you’re looking for something similar to Magic Mike, head to Club Extasis for sexy male dancers and gay pride. 

Telefonica Gastro Park and Tacos El Franc are some of the late-night restaurants for hungry party animals. As you walk around the city to appreciate its history, visit Plaza Santa Cecilia for the oldest part of Tijuana with vibrant decorations, art and music.

6. Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo

Not surprisingly, this coastal city along the Carribean Sea is famous for a variety of beach clubs and bars. You can visit Kool Beach Club, Mamitas Beach Club, Inti Beach, or Coralina Daylight Club for enjoying the cool water, drinks, tasty food and the variety of music. While you’re at the beach, go parasailing for an excellent view of the coastline. And as you move away from the water, Palazzo Disco, Mandala, Coco Maya, and La Vaquita are nightclubs to visit for loud music to move your body nonstop.

As you wake up the next morning, Playa del Carmen is home to many cenotes with ice-cold refreshing water for the perfect hangover cure after long nights. Cenote Azul, Gran Cenote and Cenote Tajma Ha are just a few of the breathtaking natural pits.

7. Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco

Aside from the amazing cultural experience you will get at Puerto Vallarta, the pacific coastal city has some of the best beaches. Mantamar Beach Club, Swell Beach Club, or Mangos Beach Club are some great destinations for scrumptious food and drinks. If you’re done with the sand, head out to Zoo Bar, Xtine, La Santa Vallarta, or Biblioteca for loud music, vibrant lighting and great vibes. Now, when you decide to do something a bit more spicy, go to a world famous foam party at Collage and get ready to get covered with bubbles while dancing all night.

As your fuel dies down, visit Daiquiri Dick’s for the best seafood or Barcelona Tapas for fine dining. I know there is a lot to do for fun nights but I recommend that you save some time to go on a whale watching tour to fully appreciate this coastal city. 

8. Mexico City

Mexico City has everything you can think of. The huge variety of nightlife clubs and bars guarantees that you will find at least one place that you will love. There are five districts in Mexico City that may appear to you as multiple cities within a massive one. La Condesa is the trendiest district while Polanco district is the bougiest. After taking in the beauty of the city, head to Patrick Miller or Bulldog Cafe to shake the booty and listen to live music. 

If you want to explore the city more, visit the centerpiece Templo Mayor and Teotihuacán for historical scenery. Pujol, Rosetta and Contramar are few of the restaurants that offer delicious food in Mexico City. 

If it’s your first time to Mexico, maybe stick to the tourist areas in each city or tag with a native friend that knows the ins and outs to party safely. Disfruta de las fiestas, amigos!

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Ember Shores – A New Cancun Festival by Illenium

Taking fans by surprise, ILLENIUM has announced his own inaugural music festival, Ember Shores, taking place in Cancun, Mexico, in December 2021. The three-day destination festival will offer attendees an all-inclusive weekend getaway at the Four-Diamond Paradisus Resort with the main stage on the white sands of the Caribbean beach, late-night sets, lagoon-inspired pools, ten restaurants, seven bars, and a spa on-site.

Though a lineup has yet to be announced, performers will be hand-picked by ILLENIUM to the tastes of his fanbase (fondly dubbed the “Illenials”). Plus, Ember Shores will feature three live sets from the artist himself.

“I’ve always wanted to create an event where Illenials from all over the world can gather as a community and be immersed in an environment with their favorite artists together,” ILLENIUM said. “My goal with Ember Shores is to put together an amazing festival experience and offer it as a place for people to connect with each other and themselves through music.”

Outside of music, the destination event will offer offsite activities like trips to Tulum, cenotes, Catamaran expeditions, deep-sea fishing, horseback riding, and canopy ziplining.

Ranging from $817 to $8950 per person, Ember Shores is offering attendance packages with varying amenities and lodging to the festival. The hefty price tag is tempered by all-inclusive food and drinks, transportation to and from the airport, and of course, access to all music events.

Tickets go on sale at 10AM ET (7AM PT) on April 22nd. Learn more on the Ember Shores website.